Case Studies


    The Total Sports ownership group offers over 1,000,000 square feet spanning across 9 geographically decentralized locations from Metro Detroit to northern Ohio. They have the largest sportsplex footprint in the state of Michigan.

    CHALLENGES. In 2016, Total Sports was experiencing rapid growth. Their locations, as a result, were experiencing inconsistent outcomes in cleanliness and a delayed response to problem solving. Their staff was receiving complaints and staying after hours attempting to rectify them.
    SOLUTION. After a long period of due diligence where Midwestern Janitorial surveyed the properties and met with facility managers at each location, they customized a plan that could be executed across all locations with consistency and continuity. Although it was a massive undertaking, Clean Complex was able to focus in on the most important systems that needed to be built and routinely implemented. Total Sports remains a client 6 years later.


    "The cleanliness of our facility has improved dramatically. Rami has delivered incredible results since taking over from our previous service. I found the previous service to be apathetic. But I can tell you Rami is professional in his dealings and makes the effort to follow up to make sure his service is up to our standards. Since working with Rami, I have received numerous compliments from our customers. Clean Complex is well equipped to handle your business needs."

    Ryan N., Facilities Manager

    Total Sports Complex


    Hockey Sports Academy provides a state-of-the-art training facility to Michigan skaters (figure skaters and hockey players, with a special focus on goalies) who are dedicated to improving their game.

    CHALLENGES. As an operation that services its customers around the clock, there's a variety of scheduling obstacles that go into keeping it clean. For this reason, the academy had, for the longest time, kept cleaning in-house. They tried from time to time to outsource cleaning entirely, but it required more flexibility than most local vendors were able to provide.

    Clean Complex worked with Hockey Sports Academy to implement a hybrid plan where the academy would continue to "clean up" between training sessions, and Clean Complex would come in to do the more comprehensive cleanings on off hours. The difference had a positive ripple effect. The staff at Hockey Sports Academy could focus on higher priority customer-centered issues in between sessions, and the skaters and spectators were really pleased with the enhanced appearance, tidiness, and odor of the facility.


    "We at Hockey Sports Academy strive to make every experience a productive, enjoyable, and safe one. Part of starting safe is to keep things clean and sanitary. That is why we brought in the brilliant Rami Paulus and his company Clean Complex. We highly recommend them!"

    Kyle L., GM

    Hockey Sports Academy


    Dynamite Training focuses on hard core body buiding in the city of Detroit.

    CHALLENGES. The space is busy with heavy equipment that makes it hard to clean around, especially with a small staff and not a lot of extra time. Ownership and management desired to be free from the responsibility of monitoring cleaning and explored working relationships with several vendors, but kept being pulled away from their primary focus to help their vendors get the job done.

    Dominic P. was introduced to Clean Complex by a client. Clean Complex built out a scope of work that would provide a fully comprehensive clean and help ownership and management relinquish any further responsibility related to how the cleanliness of the space was maintained.


    "It's an unbelievable difference. I've tried a few organizations, but none have given me what I needed, which was to be hands off and just get it taken care of. Rami gave me that and my facility has never been so well kept. Thank you Rami! Cheers to a long term working relationship my friend!"

    Dominic P., Owner

    Dynamite Training