Janitorial Services Designed Strictly For Indoor Sports Complexes.

Engaging with ownership groups operating growing portfolios of sports complexes across the country, our mission is to put you in a position of greater control by producing predictable cleaning outcomes across all of your properties, keeping them game ready 24/7.

We're Sweating It Out So You Don't Have To.

We’re competent, creative labor types, implementing simple but relevant cleaning systems in your sports complex, helping you create a joyous environment to welcome your athletes and spectators into.

We create the plan based on your vision, implement it, and keep it flowing along.

You - focus on other important aspects of your customer's experience.

  • "The cleanliness of our facilities has improved dramatically. Rami has delivered incredible results."

    Ryan N., Facilities Manager

    Total Sports Complex

  • "We brought in the brilliant Rami Paulus and his company Clean Complex. We highly recommend them!"

    Kyle L., GM

    Hockey Sports Academy

  • "It's an unbelievable difference. Thank you Rami! Cheers to a long term working relationship my friend!"

    Dominic P., Owner

    Dynamite Training

  • "Our clients are smart and highly distinguished people with long track records of success. They are often role models within the industry. They’ve worked hard and have paid their dues, and they expect others to do the same. To serve clients like these, we realize we must do two things routinely well: choose our projects wisely, and ruthlessly prioritize our resources toward their objectives."

    Rami Paulus, Founder

    Clean Complex